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Need advice badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh it's me again. I hate to post here again, I feel like a nuisance. I think one of my posts here talked about a spike of 149/71. Well, that was due to smoking over 2 packs of cigarettes per day. So, stupid me, I added a Norvasc, had cut it down to 5 mgs. and freaked over that spike because I've been told I'm way over medicated and it just seemed so high to me. So I cut the smoking down to between 1/2 pack and 1 pack, blood pressure today dropped to 86/39. And my ANKLES!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God, I can't stand to look at them. Not having the urine output like I should be having either. Went to hospital, kidney tests were all perfect. Called my dr. and he wants me off of this Norvasc ASAP. But didn't tell me how to get off of it. I'm scared because I KNOW I have to stop taking it, I can't stand this swelling, even that scares me, but I'm scared to stop taking it. This is all such a mess and I'm sick of it and I hate it. Does Norvasc really cause bad swelling in your ankles? And how come I've been on this drug over a year, and my ankles are just now swelling like this? I took some Lasix today, they went down some, but swelled right back up. If anybody has any input on this I'd sure appreciate it. I'm really getting scared here.


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