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Re: Need advice badly!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lenin)

Have you ever taken the nasty stuff and if so, what did it do to you? And isn't 86/39 b/p with spells where everything looked grey, pretty bad? I keep telling my dr. that my b/p runs that low if I'm not doing a lot of smoking, (which I'm weaning off of too), and he gets upset about it, but I don't know, he just doesn't really tell me how to do anything here. Special circumstances at the moment are preventing me from seeing another dr. Namely, an alcoholic husband who, last February, lost his job due to drinking, was arrested 3 times, finally went to treatment, got his job back, but lost his benefits on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no insurance. So I have to stick with this dr. and trust him. But I'm telling you, I was so sick yesterday I really did think I was dying. I wasn't thinking straight, had a little confusion, kept "greying out" and could barely walk. Terrifying. But this dr. STILL thinks I have high blood pressure and am going to need something after the demon possessed Norvasc is gone. What a mess I'm in.

Thanks for your response. I love reading your posts as I think you are so wise.