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Re: Is this bad? Super light butter containing trans fats...

Erm... I eat healthy things. This is the only thing that I'm getting my trans fats from probably. I eat loads of veggies, protein and good fats. And it's not like I eat an entire box of butter every day like occasionally on my bread... I just don't like calories, but it sounds so little 1 gram per 100 grams? And I think I eat like 10 grams a day... so that's 0.1 grams of trans fats a day is that so bad?

Plus this isn't what made me gain my weight back though... I mean how much can one tablespoon of butter a day (or not even) do? I think what made me gain my weight back is cos I didn't have time to count calories and go to the gym anymore. I know this may sound like an excuse but the only person in my class who does the same subjects as me on the same level is totally highly gifted, and I'm not so that's why school is so hard for me.

I was only interested in its effect on my metabolism, by the way... cos I already have a diet (as in I figured out my ratios... amount of calories, etc.)

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