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Re: what were your symptoms after IUI?

No problem, I hope you get your bfp soon! My condition started out with a large fibroid inside my uterine cavity that had to be removed. Once removed, we were told to try for a few months on our own before moving to IUI. We did, but were not successful and we had already been trying for so long before the fibroid was discovered that we were kind of in a rush so we went right to the IUI. Started first two cycles with clomid. Next two with injectibles (gonal F) and the last one worked. Also, my husband had a normal but on the low end sperm count and motility. I noticed that the longer we went without sex before the IUI's the better his counts were. They say to leave 2-5 days since last ejaculation for IUI I think. When we waited just a couple days the count was significantly lower than the time we waited 5 days and the highest count was the one that worked. I know how frustrating this all is and I wish you the best. Don't give up hope I am sure there are many women on this board that have conceived after being diagnosed with PCOS. They will find the right combo of treatments for you too. Are you seeing a reproductive endocronologist? That was the best thing I did was go to an RE. I highly recommend it if you aren't already.
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