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Re: Can someone explain how Med School works?

4 years of medical school, broken into your first two years in the classroom, learning science. Then you spend the last 2 years working in the hospital for free. You cannot fail any classes at any point in medical school, some schools will give you one free chance at repeating, but others will not.

Then you do a surgical internship, which is your first real year as a doctor, but you are still, of course, clueless.

Then you will do 4 years of orthopedic surgery specific training, with a minimum number of surgical cases you will need to do to graduate. You also have to pass the board exams, three of them, as well as the board exam for your specialty.

Then if you decide you want to do joints, or spine, or hand specifically, you will do a fellowship in that area, from 1-2 years of more specialized training.

Then you can get a real job, working by yourself.

Then 3-5 years later you take an oral board exam, to get board certified. More than half of the doctors that take this fail the first time, because it is really really really really difficult.

Then you spend the rest of your years hoping you don't get sued for medical malpractice.

It's a tough life, and only the most dedicated make it through. Good luck!