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Red face Did I just have a mild heart attack???

Man I honestly dont know whats going on here...

First of all im 17 and I dont see why this would happen but you help me decided if it was a mild one since I read that some heart attacks arent even painful at all.

I was laying on the couch a bit because I felt tired (thats what I also noticed lately, im very tired even if I sleep forever...and I was never like that.)
Then I noticed this tightness in my chest and it really did feel like a tightness, but more from the inside. It hurt a little tiny bit, just so you know though I had these happening to me before more than 4 times already and they last for about 20 minutes, they hurt from the middle of the chest and it felt really sore and achy and it sort of felt paralyzed too, just this feeling there that made me want to touch my chest cause it felt like there was something there, but this time it hurt just a little bit but my left hand and some of my right hand felt numb and tingly, I got very dizzy, kind of like youre about to pass out, but I diddnt, and I had shortness of breath and my chest area felt really weird kind of like I couldnt even feel it when I breathed in and out...ALSO I had tightness around my jaw, its hard to describe how it felt. So was it a mild heart attack?

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