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Re: Did I just have a mild heart attack???

It is highly unlikely to be a heart problem at your age (unless you have congenital defect).

only other emergency situation is "collapsed lung", go get a chest x-ray to rule that out.
if you are male, young, tall, and skinny, pneumothorax is very possible.

if it is not those 2, remaining possibilities are not that urgent.

1. stomach problem (acid reflux disease).
2. inflamation of lung
3. pain in muscle or rib joint

to test if you have pneumothorax, do the following test.
1. breathe in really deep, if you have pain or cough, that's not good sign
2. stand up and then ben down to touch the toe with your fingers,
if you have pain, not good.
3. lie down on left side and then right side, if you feel your heart beating
strangely, not good.
4. jump up and down, pain is not a good sign.

if you did all of above, and didn't cause you pain, you don't have collapsed lung.

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