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Re: Did I just have a mild heart attack???

Hi DarkChange,

I wanted to add that the symptoms sound somewhat like anxiety as well...I looked back at some of your previous posts and saw that you've mentioned anxiety before and I don't want to trivialize your symptoms, but share my mom's experience with similar symptoms. A few weeks after she survived her cardiac arrest, she experienced similar symptoms to what you're describing...shortness of breath, extreme lightheadedness, tightness/heaviness in chest and a feeling she described as warmth/weird tingling in her chest radiating down both arms. She SWORE she was dying and having a heart attack. A 911 call and several days in the CCU later, they determined it was severe anxiety as a result of surviving such a traumatic event. Heart, neurological, gastric, and pulmonary tests all came back clear. Each episode would last 20-30 minutes and came on without any obvious triggers.

I never realized how much anxiety could affect someone until I watched my mom go through her episodes. She's on klonopin as needed and has found that relaxation tapes and breathing exercises have helped her greatly.

I just wanted to offer anxiety as a possibility. You've probably heard it before, but it is a very real thing. That being said, I hope you and your doctors are able to determine the cause of your symptoms, whatever they may be. Good luck!