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Re: My turn. My Losses When does it end?

Hi John D
Wow! I am so sorry for all of your losses!

I know I am guilty of thinking things couldn't get worse and wow did they ever. You ARE an inspiration to me! I have had a horrible day and I was so upset and cried most of the day. I have lost a lot this past year but nothing compared to you. I have been suffering from recurrent major depression and the events in my life have taken it's toll on me. I wondered today and even asked God, "Why won't you take the pain away or just take me away"? I have struggled so much with the mental pain. It doesn't compare to what you have been dealt. Life is not fair and we may stumble, we may fall but we should not be defeated. I have wanted to give in and even give up and then I am sent a message to not let satan defeat me. I believe that is what is in your message to me.

Thank you so very much for sharing your story with me. I will keep you close to my heart and in my prayers.

May God Bless You!