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Re: Did I just have a mild heart attack???


parabellum, yes Im a male, im young, im skinny AND tall. I did the little self test and nothing happened and thats what worries me...because what else could it be besides anxiety?

Trainor, thanks alot for the response because I DO have an anxiety disorder (was diagnosed with it) but I mean...could it really happen without any triggers? Just like that out of nowhere? Im so sorry about your mom's awful event. What happened to her is my number one thing im scared of in life, I sometimes think just what if it happens if im in the bathroom or somewhere alone where no one can call 911 or anything. Im curious though, why did your mom get it? please dont tell me because of anxiety...

please respond.

PS: just to make sure, I talked to my doc long ago and he found out in a holter monitor test that I had 8 very fast beats and the went normal 8 sudden accelerated beats that return normal mean a dangerous arrythmia?

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