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Re: My turn. My Losses When does it end?

Samantha, and Angel

My God you too??? Thank you so much for the kind words. As I suspected there are so many deep caring and beautiful people here at this board. You too are my inspiration!!! If it weren’t for others in this rough world like yourself with such kindness and compassion I might loose hope. My motivation, optimism and energy to GO every day is from people like many of you here. If not for that it would be such a cold and lifeless lonely world. Some say this world has no hope for the future.
I say as long as there are people like you then YOU ARE MY HOPE FOR THE WORLD AND IT’S FUTURE!!!
Sam you keep on talking to God. He will help and I will too to the best of my capacity over the net whenever possible.

You may also want to read a great post that someone started here called “The spiritual side of depression” if you haven’t read it already. Very good points are made. I even comment a bit there too.

Thank you again sooo much for everything.

God Bless and Prayers


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