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The very first ultrasound

Hi, I am 7 1/2 weeks along and was just wondering what the doctor is able to find in the first ultrasound. I just started seeing the doctor and am waiting for my blood test results(to confirm the pregnancy even though I got 5 pos. urine tests 4 at home and 1 at planned parenthood) and I would like to get an ultrasound as soon as possible to see if eveything is ok. This is my first pregnancy and I know I shouldn't be putting stress on myslef and the baby but all these horrible thoughts about ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage are going through my mind and I know I won't feel completely sane until my first ultrasound so I was hoping that the doctor could tell me this soon with an ultrasound if I have a healthy pregnancy so far. I am scaring myself with the ectopic thing. So far I haven't had much preggo symptoms other than tons of sudden cravings! and I sleep a lot but I'm not extremely nauseous and not peeing anymore than usual so I don't know if this is normal. Anyway, I am blabbing on too much, I'm just pretty young and like to have all the advice I can, so thanks for any help!

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