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Re: July Moms, are you ready or what?!?!

Spanish, I hear you about the sore feet! My soles have been killing me - I can only wear one pair of flip-floppy sandal things and my slippers around the house - even going barefoot for more than a few minutes kills! And trying to turn over in bed...HAH. It literally takes me 5 minutes sometimes just to sit up & try to get out of bed to go pee. Thankfully, my husband works a night shift (never thought I'd say that!) so we're only in bed together 2-3 nights out of the week...which at this point is just fine with me! We sleep in a full-sized bed too, so there's not much room now for two of us with my gigantic belly, not to mention the 6 pillows I sleep with. It's actually so much better having the whole bed to myself, not that I don't still have to get up every hour or so to pee or shift positions. My EDD is the 14th - 11 more days, can you believe it?? - but if thing happen sooner than later, I'm game. The thought of going over that though is almost too much...I AM SO DONE!!!

Just finally got a hospital bag together last night - toothbrush, toiletries, some comfy pants, granny panties & a nursing tank top to wear home - that's about it. Oh, and litte guy's going-home outfit - a little onesie with sheep & farm animals printed on it, wtih a matching hat & receiving banket. I swear, this kid has a wardobe to rival Paris Hilton - I keep getting all these outfits and baby stuff from friends, I don't know where to put it all!!

Anyway, glad to hear you ladies are also suffering (un)comfortably along with me...hopefully we'll all have short labors, fast deliveries and pink healthy babies SOON!