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wow..imagine all the cals i ate today!

u kno? oncei think of it...i ate ALOT today. and did no excercise. i pretty much slept. im still recovering from bulimia so..i kinda purge more often than i used to when i was at my best. boo sam boo.

neways: Breakfast oo such a surprise lol
raisin bran w/ skim milk
apple juice (i kept er' down)

2 peices of grilled cheese w/ skim milk
(i purged... )

2 pears
an orange (kept em down)

Stir fry with sausage, mixed veggies, almonds, mixture of sauces and rice..alot of it.
a bun

i had 2 helpings of that and yeah...purged some of that. i really have to stop doing that! Ugh!! see, on days when i do excercise with my home video thigns i dont do dumb things, but on lazy days i do do dumb things. jeez sam

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