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Re: Stroller questions

I am a second time mom, due in 3 wks and I just bought my stroller/carseat combo. It is a really nice one, it folds down nice, it has the carseat and the canopy can fold completely over the baby. I love it, it is brownish tans in it.

I think it all depends on what you can afford, to what you can purchase. I know you can go real cheap, but then the stroller and what not is made cheap. I just spent $229 on my set up, not that I can afford that, but it has to last a while. The baby can be in the car seat up to 20 lbs depending on how big he/she gets, and the stroller to last to 40 lbs, so you can get alot f use out of it. I had to purchase 2 with my dd, only because I went the cheaper way out, and it did not last long, that is why I decided to spend more this time around.

I guess I can't tell you where I got it, and what brand it is, but its nice, we searched all the baby places to find this one. good luck in your search.