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Re: 35 weeks and pink/brown discharge help


Thanks for the info and replying back, l was told it was something not related to pregnancy but a pumit ? in my cervix that needs to come out, yuck, thats whats caused this random spotting. However, im trying to get through to my own doctors and get there view, as l was told at the hospital (where l am visiting my parnets town that they would persponally operate on my asap) and it may start me off in labour!! no way l though l was only 35 weks and 6 days im now 36 weeks and really dont want anything in that department just yet. Im a bit worried if anyone has ahd a cervical smear done thats what it felt like except l had it done twice and l was cringing! lol..

I am know spotting a bit more and it can vary from pink to red l reckon its becuse the hospital doc was poking about in there. I will keep you ladies informed. xxx