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Think I may put myself back on BP meds

As the regulars around here have heard many times, I took myself off my BP meds (Lisinopril 10 mg) in January after the pharmacy forgot three times consecutively to mail my meds and I found my pressure to be no longer in hypertensive range without the meds. My doctor doesn't know it yet that I haven't taken my meds for six months. My BP readings during that time averaged around 126/76, with readings from 103/53 to 156/93. Since I quit the meds, and up until about 24 hours ago, I had taken 190 readings, only 24 of which would be considered in the hypertensive range. And most of those were in the low 140s, and my pressure came back down promptly after a short-term stressful event.

Well, I'm scheduled to see my doctor for my annual physical next Wednesday, so guess what happens? About 24 hours ago, I woke up in the night overheated and just feeling a bit strange. I got up, rested at the kitchen table several minutes, and took my BP four times within half an hour: 144/65, 139/69, 150/69, 152/75. Since then I've taken several more readings, all but one of which fall in the hypertensive range. I feel my heartbeat in my ears and have ringing in my ears, so I suspect it may be allergy-related. But if my BP is up like this when I go for my physical, my doctor is going to want me back on meds. Then she'll want me to come back for a re-check, which would cost me another $100. So I'm thinking of just going back on meds in the next couple of days to get my pressure down before I go in and save the hundred bucks and extra trip.

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