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Re: Think I may put myself back on BP meds

Originally Posted by beerzoids
Have you found your readings higher during particular hours of the day. In other words, do your readings tend to be higher in the daytime and lower at night?
As a whole, I don't see much difference. My daily readings do vary quite a bit, even from minute to minute. The few readings I've taken after waking up in the middle of the night were high, but I don't know if that happens regularly or if it was a fluke. I've wondered about the possibility of occasional problems with sleep apnea, but I never can remember to bring my BP monitor in the bedroom to check my pressure still lying down when I awaken in the night.
Sounds like you had a "one time" reaction to something that has raised your Systolic a bit. Your diastolic readings are GREAT! If you ate something, or came into contact with something for which you are allergic or sensitive, it could have a temporary raising effect on your blood pressure.
Yes, those unmedicated diastolic readings aren't bad for an "old lady." (63) What is interesting is that they are actually lower than my usual readings 10-15 years ago, before I ever had to go on BP meds originally. My pressure then was almost always 120/80 when I went to the doctor. (And I've never had "white coat.")
It usually takes a couple of days for the blood pressure to get back to normal, after coming into contact with something that raises the blood pressure. By Wednesday, your blood pressure will probably be back to normal, unless you come into contact, or eat, whatever caused your blood pressure to go higher.
I'm used to having my BP go right back down within a few hours after some stressful event that takes it up. But does exposure to an allergen keep BP up longer usually? Of course, if I am sensitive to potatoes, I've had large servings four times over the past three days, so I keep repeating the insult (if that is really the problem).

Do you have any idea what might have caused you to have the unusual reaction?
The only thing I can think of that's been different lately is that I've eaten quite a lot of potatoes the last couple of days. And with my usual high consumption of fruit and fruit juices, my carb intake has been higher than usual. Do you think that could cause it? I do have a lot of environmental allergies - fungus, my cats (all three of which sleep with me), pollen. But those all tend to give me a runny nose, which I haven't had, so I don't think those could be the problem this time.