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ADHD Diagnostic Testing - Day 1 & 2

If you can go for similar testing I highly recommend it. The tests are designed to pinpoint specific areas of cognitive dysfunction. Doctors are then in a much better position to offer remedial meds and strategies.

Today I did the tests on meds. Tommorrow, similar tests (but not the same) with no meds.

I don't have the test names but I can tell you what to expect.

The first three were verbal. I had to come up with synonyms, then antonyms for words on flash cards. I think I did well except for "demure." Who in their right mind uses that word anyway?

3. Name shapes, mostly architectural, was next. Easy stuff like steeple, pyramid, etc.

4. Pictures of small jig-saw puzzle like shapes. Easy shapes first, but toward end got complicated. Goal was to identify shapes in subset that would fit.

5. Symbols for words. Started with four symbols and told what word each represented. Then asked to read a simple sentence composed of the symbols. Easy enough. But then more symbols were added, then another sentence. More symbols, sentences. Yikes. I bombed.

6. Finding numerical matches in a series of numbers. Had 3 minutes to complete list. Made it 3/4 way through.

7. Repeating a series of numbers backwards. 3, 4 numbers long, no problem. 5 long, problems started. 6 very difficult. 7 I was begging for mercy. Never made it to 8.

8. I am protesting this one tommorrow. On the left, symbols were used to express a rule for inclusion in a group, on the right, symbols correctly included in the group. Us programmers do this every working day. If circle or square your in else you're out. If circle and red you're in, etc. I think I missed every one. In retrospec I feel the problem was what I know not a brain malfunction. I write the rule first not last. I simply couldn't get out of that mode. We'll see tommorrow at the redo.

9. Finally the torture test. An ADHDers worst nightmare. Two shapes flashed on a monitor. Click the button when the correct one flashes. Frequency increases. The correct one flashes several times in row. Then.... For twenty minutes it went on!!!! Like a diabolical game of Simon says. I kept yelling "Are we almost there yet. I'm going to leave here crazier than I came in." 20 minutes of that was like an eternity. Heaven help me. Got to do it again tommorrow with no drugs!

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