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Re: Daily calories....

You can concentrate on eating "bulky" low calorie foods like salads and vegetables.
I find the high soluble fiber in beans is a good aid in fighting hunger; they digest very slowly and provide energy and protein over an extended period.

Another good trick is a cup of coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon for both an energy boost and something that fills the stomach with very few calories. Water and diet lemonade also give the stomach filling help. If 1200 calories has you hungry too often, then stick to the 1500 range. Your losses will be slower but will come with time.

Make sure to incorporate regular exercise every day; alternate light with heavy.

Dieting is food deprivation. Food deprivation usually results in hunger. You've gotta take one with the other at least til you retrain your body and MIND that less is ENOUGH! People who never suffer hunger are usually the same people who are grossly overweight or obese!

I've trained myself, SORT OF, to occasionally embrace the feeling of hunger and say to myself: "It won't kill me and it shows I'm doing it RIGHT!" After all, it takes about 60 days with ZERO food to kill someone, nobody ever dropped dead from an afternoon without food! THink of Christ Ghandi or someone starving in Ethiopia for years on end...your hunger may seem pretty tritie by comparison.

Also ask youself: "Is this HUNGER or just HABIT!"

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