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Re: Daily calories....

Ok, i have to add this in. All i drink is water----and lots of it...most days! I exersise 6 days a week....i take Sunday's off. I dont strictly keep count daily on my calorie intake.....i keep it in my head...roughly what i eat. I've never felt so health in my life..i quit drinking and smoking!!! Now im on this health kick like never before!!! As much as i exersise people tell me i need more calories!! Like 2000 a day! Some days, when i feel like ive eaten a bunch of ****, i probably do get there. Im trying to eat things that fill me up. The veggie's as a snck, just doesnt do it. Oh, and im not a huge sugar freak....BUT.....i crave it sometimes. What's this eating something salty, then needing suagr????? I've never understood that! The sugar craving is probably blood sugar level droping-----what can help with that?