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You know you have panic disorder when...

Thought we could use a laugh - please add your own to this. Happy Thursday!

You know you have panic disorder when....

-You look for the nearest escape route everywhere you go
-You wonder if anyone would notice if you locked yourself in the bathroom at your own party
-You have to mentally prep yourself for three days before going to pick up milk at the grocery store
-You envy your pets because they don't have to leave the house
-Immediately upon waking you check to make sure every part of your body feels normal. If your toe hurts you panic for the rest of the day and call in sick.
-You're pretty sure the receptionists at your doctors office hate you, as well as your pharmacists
-You sit at work and make up these lists because your anxiety has wreaked havoc on your concentration and you're pretty sure you have ADD now too.

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