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Re: Need Alternative to Gastro Med

fish oils do have an anti-inflammatory action but for inflammation accosiated with the digestive tract i would say aloe vera juice is the best bet. not sure what that condition is exactly, but i work in a health food store and we recommend aloe vera juice for an internal inflamation/ infection of the intestinal tract. it has a strong healing, soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action. it helps with the digestion of food as it contains digestive enzymes. it cleanes the colon, is rich in all vitamins and minerals (esp. beta-carotene but not vit D), contains 17 amino acids. it also eases digestive upsets by creating a protective layer on the colon which allows the smooth passing of food through it. we recently had a weekly training sheet on the stuff. it is truely amazing. look into it more, sounds like it could do the trick for you.