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What was I thinking

Ok, so lately I have been complaining how I am always hungry and never full. Well yesterday I finally got a reminder of what being full felt like and I hope I never do again. My Grandma is visiting from Germany and I've been strict in not over-indulging in her food. But I think it's been hurting her feelings so yesterday I just ate everything that she gave me. It was a big egg pancake, big as a dinner plate smothered with cottage cheese and blueberries. I thought sense i have been working out and not eating such things in a regular diet, that I could handle it, especially sense I was always hungry. I couldn't have felt worse afterwards. I told my Mom I thought I was going to have a heart attack; I wanted to cry. She just laughed and told me it was indigestion. My torso felt stretched,very painful. I took some Pepto and didn't eat dinner. Instead I just drank a crap aloud of water, about 12 glasses, in an attempt to flush it out of my system. I don't know if this was the wisest choice, but I just followed my instincts. This morning I felt more back to normal and ate a big fruitplate for breakfast and V8 juice to shoot my metabolism back up, I think it worked. I'm not eating anything else until I've worked out and then hopefully my body will be back to normal.
Sorry if this was so long, but I would just like to know, did I do the right thing, why did this happen, and has anyone else experienced this; what did you do?


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