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Re: Sodium Intake... How to Reduce It?

I wouldn;t worry much about the 15 mg. in a can of beer or the 35 mg. in a can of Diet's the 2,000 calories in a can of condensed soup and the 1200 mg. in a TV dinner that put the stake in the heart of a 2400 mg. sodium limit. And there's no sodium problem with fried's the SALT put on after frying that is the can deep fry 100 grams of potatoes into French Fries and count only 5 mg. for the sodium in the batch. You could eat them from morning til night without getting a gram of sodium.

But I commiserate: when I open my pantry and look at cans or pull anything from the freezeer for a quick meal I could CRY when I read the sodium content. I HAVE completely given up the hugest sins like pretzels (which I ADORE) and potato chips, Doritos, corn curls, taco chips... <wallowing in self-pity>

Don't manufacturers realize there is a good MARKET out there for a can of delicious UNSALTED Campbell's soup.

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