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Re: Eating and Excersizing

Hey there,

Welcome to the boards! Well, if you have the energy to workout, definitely eat afterward. If you eat before, your body is using it's blood supply for digestion instead of your workout. Plus you always need to eat something after your workout. Protein and some carbs (from your fruit) after working out are essential to help rebuild muscle if you have been lifting.

I always have to have some kind of carb like an energy bar right before I workout. But then again I have to eat all day long! I always make sure that right after I workout I have something to eat that has protein and some carbs in it. Your chicken and fruit is a perfect combination!


PS If I were on your diet and I was feeling tired before working out, I'd eat a small amount of fruit before working out for the energy, but not a lot. I don't think I'd do too well on your diet as I love cooked veggies and cheese. I don't eat much fruit, except for bananas. Good luck!