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Damnable Heat

Just sitting here, and wondering, of your suffering, which is the greater impact/annoyance/difficulty, the heat of summer, or the cold of winter?

Ok some realities.

In the dead of winter, it snows for some of us (no snow in some places of course). Snow can be a burden I guess for most. I don't drive, so right out, that is not a factor. But I do walk to where I go, so walking in snow is of course harder than just strolling along the sidewalk. I like to get around on my bike, and in the winter, it means no bike (no I am not one of those nuts that bikes in the winter).

Winter is cold (duh about as obvious as it gets eh). But, proper clothing is a simple solution. And interestingly enough, proper clothing actually works on the coldest days. So the cold temperatures are not automatically a barrier.

Winter can be a bit blah looking. And the site of slush doesn't do it for me. Although I do actually like the woods after a snow fall. Provided the walking is possible, you might need skiis in some places

In the high heat of summer there is no physical impairment unless it is currently thunderstorming in a big way (well around here that is). I don't live anywhere where mother nature makes a habit of stomping around and trashing the place. Although, I guess bugs can be labelled a physical impairment to enjoying a walk in the woods. You sure remember those days you forget bug repellent.

Summer is more than just hot though. It's muggy, and it's smoggy, and I don't seem to recall polution warnings in the winter. Garbage strikes seem to lose their impact in the winter, maybe they should make contracts conclude in dec when they can negotiate with no fear of threats.

The summer is nice for camping, assuming you can go camping at all.
But, it's hot, and not much you can do about it once you leave your home.
A person can enjoy walking around butt naked at home, but you can't take that out on the street. And what the heck, no gain there, it's still going to be hot, and you just get things burned, that are best left unburned Plus, it's hard to carry your keys with nothing on hehe.
Just because there is nothing ON the sidewalk, doesn't always mean that walk will be easy. Walking to the mall on a hot day is not something you always want to do really.
And while a car seat can be frosty in the winter, I don't recall ever getting frost burn on a cold seat buckle. Plus, you can buy frozen foods in the winter, and not worry about immediately rushing home before it thaws out.

But, at the health level of all this, what gives YOU the most trouble, really.
I would have to say I like winter more.
My legs hurt more often than not hurt. And right now, a very hot bath is not really all that attractive in this heat.
I enjoy hot baths a lot in the winter.
I have had nervous collapses from prolonged dealing with extreme hot weather. I don't recall mental meltdowns from the umpteenth cold day in a row.
I can sleep easy in the winter, I don't lose sleep from being to damned hot in the winter.
I can do whatever I might wish to do indoors, and not need to constantly break to cool down (yes, not all of us have central air).
In the winter, I might not get much chance to enjoy bike rides, but that is a small price if you ask me. And I can live with needing a longer amount of time to walk places. Just means leaving a bit earlier.

No fan of summer here. I use it as much as I can, but I find winter less of a pain to my pains.

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