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Re: what are these tests my endo is sending me for?


I read your post the other night and spent a lot of time researching those tests you put question marks next to. I have some information for you. And I WILL post it here today. I just wanted to let you know that I found some answers for you, however, my research does not replace the answers your Endo can give you. My BEST advice is to call and speak at least with the nurse to find out what exactly they are testing you for. Also, I know a lot of hospitals have a "Nurse Line" that may help you.

I just didn't want to think we had forgotten you. I myself am new to thyroid issues. I had an ultrasound done that found a couple of lesions that are believed to be benign. My Rheumy ordered the test and I don't see her 'til August, so I imagine she'll send me to an Endo, if not, I'll insist, as I want my libido tested. I already know I have a free testosterone level of 4 which is very low, so I'm going to ask about hydrocortisone or possibley testosterone in low doses.

Anyway, I'll tell you more about me and my situation later. But I'm having a bit of a bad day here today, so I don't have the energy to post my findings now, but I have them saved in my "scrapbook" and I WILL post them for you. So don't despair. K? I was reading some posts and saw yours and it caught my eye. I like to research things. Matter of fact, while researching your questions, I learned something about one of my conditions which is CFS.

Check back okay?

Question, are you a female or a male? OOPS, never mind, I just re-read your post, and saw the word ovaries! That answers that question! You seem to understand that these tests are common for adreanal insufficiency, as well as Addisons. But don't jump to conclusions yet, k?

Hang in and I'll post what I found and you can match it up with what you found.

I did find a website that is good for you to poke around and actually do a search on that website for some of these words you have ? marks after.

Check it out, it's got a lot of good info regarding the endocrine system, it also has a search feature that will pop up articles and reports from the National Library of Medicine, which is a great resource for all kinds of information. I THINK it's the National Library of Medicine! LOL Yes, Yes, it is, I just checked. You can also find a lot of info there. The Endocrine Society deals with hormones and all the glands that produce them, so they have good info there also.

I'm pretty sure I can post the .org websites here.

I truly want to help you, I saw your post in a couple different places, and I believe that by helping you, I help myself. I DO know how you feel. I am kinda "up in the air" now as far as my Thyroid goes. My test results have a little note on them stating that the doc, my Rheumy, needs to see me, but I haven't heard from her. I have an appt the first week in August with her, and like I told the nurse at the office when I picked up my copy of the test, "She knows where I'm at!". So I guess I'm not critical! LOL But I would like to KNOW what the results mean. If I have lesions on my Thyroid that weren't there a couple years ago, well, I'm just a "wee" curious as to why they are there now! LOL

Don't worry my friend, we are all here for you and anything I can do to help just an incy bit, I will.

Check back okay?

Hugs to you,

P.S. I usually post on the Fibromyalgia forum and the Pain Management forum, so if you are curious about me, you can just search my username and check out some of my posts. I'm not a busy body, well, not too bad! And I'm not a nut case! LOL I just like helping folks when I can. Did you check out the Research forum, see if anyone there can help you. Maybe the moderator of the Research forum can help you. From what I understand she's been through a lot of cancer type testing, so she may have some good info for you as far as a foundation to begin your search. But, like I said before, talking with the doc is always, IMO the best way to go.
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