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Re: Damnable Heat

Fall is my favorite time of year, the weather is not so hot, but not yet that cold. Of course the beauty of fall takes my breathe away. If I had to choose though between winter and summer I would probaby choose winter. The cold does make me ache and I seem to never be able to get warm somedays, but the older I get the harder the summer humidity and heat seems to effect me. Having trouble with the sun is also a negative for summer, that is trying to stay out of it so you don't get a rash or itch or a flare.

My husband and I are nesters by nature so snuggling in on a cold winter evening with a pot of homemade soup and the wonderful way it makes the house smell and having a fresh pot of coffee, wonderful!! Of course the days are so much shorter and that does bother some people, luckily I'm not one of them.

Sure beats getting in and out of a hot car all day, burning your backside on the leather seats and waiting for the a/c to cool off just in time for you to arrive at the next store or wherever you are going. In and out of the heat, some visitors to our part of the country say it is like breathing underwater here, the humidity is so bad. That can really wear you out. Oh and I know all to well about planning your shopping to get the cold or frozen items last so you can make a dash for home so they don't melt or thaw. We have even tried taking a cooler, but it never seems big enough and there is always something that doesn't fit.

I guess I made my case for the winter, but I could probably make just as good a one for summer. We do have central air and we can stay in and it is lighter longer, and we see more of our neighbors and the outdoor BBQ's are great with the family, and until it gets way too hot the grass and flowers are so nice and pretty. In winter everything is so 'blah' with the bare trees etc. And the melting snow that is all black and yuck all along the street as it melts. Oh well I think I would still choose winter, fibro or not I would rather use a heating pad in winter for my aching joints and muscles than in summer.