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Re: Damnable Heat

Hey guys!

I suffer terrible in the summer. I grew up in Iowa, used to the brutle winters and snow, but absolutely love the springtime and the fall colors.

Here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, no colors, no snow, and most times no sprintime! LOL I LIKE the cold weather, although the cold air down here is "wet" so it goes right to your bones, but I still like the cold. Stupid, but I own more winter clothes than I do summer! I stay in my summer jammies most of the summer. The HUMIDITY down here is nuts! Granted Iowa gets humid, but not for nearly 9 months out of the year. Before I got sick I could tolerate the humidity and get out in the yard dripping, but still tend to my garden. We have some flowers that thrive in this heat, but the gardens still need weeding!

I know that the Duragesic Patch I'm using for pain doesn't do well in the heat. It speeds up the Fentynal release which can make you feel sick. You aren't even supposed to get into a hot tub while using the Duragesic. So I can't get overheated while I'm on the Patch, and I have before and let me tell ya, you feel nasty!

Of course I have A/C, but you know what, a lot don't. Elderly and some lower income families don't have A/C, not even window units. I'm hot natured anyway. Internally hot natured. My body is very warm especially while I sleep. But the outside heat index is killing me!

I wonder if other meds cause you to feel sick when you become overheated? Hmmm...Just a thought.

I wish I lived somewhere I could at least experience a change in seasons. Our "winter" lasts about 3 or 4 months, then all of sudden the trees are blooming one week and totally green the next!

Have a good evening,
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