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Re: Damnable Heat

summer and i don't go good together. i sweat terrilbly and stay indoors most of the time which means less movement. as yall know it can get pretty hot here in central texas so i sit right next to my fan. i take that thing to every room i am in and plug it right next to me.
when the fall rolls in i start to feel more alive and i start to pull out all my little sweaters and get outside alot more. i will be putting my 5yr old in football this year so that will be so much fun.
but the best for me is winter, i love it. i live in central texas so we don't really get that extreme of a winters so i am able to go out more. i get so into christmas with my kids and i even bake which for sure i don't do in the summer.
i sleep alot better in the winter too especially next to the fireplace.
for some reason my bones don't feel like the are hurting as bad in the winter either.
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