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Re: what are these tests my endo is sending me for?

Hello good spirit,
Thank you so much for your post. It is so lovely that people really do care! and i don't know but some how knowing about other people makes me feel not alone. im going to check out your previous posts so i can see if i can maybe help you in any way at all. even if its just to say hello and let you know im there too.

Ha ha. You may have seen my posts on more than one board thats cause well i don't know what the hell is happening to my body really. i can place it as being hormonal or possible some wierd immune thing. it may have been related to a wierd drug reaction i had back in jan. Who knows yet. Just hanging in to find out. Its wierd that the body just goes bizerk isn't it? You just want to say to your own body stop it behave will you. I have done some research on those tests and found some stuff just geuss wanted to know from any veterans what they all meant in non medical language.

I have been pretty bad the last week. and im sorry you are too!! im going to check out your posts so i can give you a more helpful response. im 28 from london and my name is zoe. so nice to meet you any how.