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Re: Blown out veins and brown spots?

Hiya blue! so nice to talk to you, i really enjoy your posts, they are very helpful to me. This is a new dx for me, we found out quite by accident that i have AI. I was taking prednisone for another condition, and had a really bad flare up of fibro symptoms when i stopped the prednisone. So i did some research and found out that many people with fibro/CFS have adrenal insufficiency causing low cortisol levels.

Further research about AI and Addison's disease brought up a score of symptoms that i have had off and on since childhood (including dark skin pigmentation), and my family history suggests that my grandmother had AI and we suspect my mother does, as well (she also has fibro).

After much research I am beginning to believe that there are many more of us out there who are having problems with adrenal insufficiency, exacerbating or even causing the symptoms of fm.

I am currently taking 20 mg of prednisone a day, which is a dangerous dose for most people...we are trying to taper it down again. I tapered down to 10mg, but symptoms returned, so I have found some other ways that I am trying to treat it using supplements, amino acids and adrenal complexes. I started taking these about 2 weeks ago, in hopes we can get my prednisone dose down...goal at this time is to 10mg/day. I am almost completely off my pain meds, which is miraculous for me...I take an occasional dose of Ultram when needed. I still struggle with sleep deprivation, and working on this also.

I visit the Addison's board on here, and there is much helpful info there for me, although at this time i do not have a formal dx of Addison's disease.

In short, I am very excited that we have found the cause of my fibro symptoms, and that I now have a place to direct my energies toward treatment! I think that has been the single most frustrating element about having a dx of fibromyalgia...I have spent the last 20 years treating symptoms, but getting no real relief for extended periods of time, because of not knowing what the underlying cause was.

I have found it very interesting that many of the treatments listed on this board that people find helpful for fibro symptoms are also used to treat adrenal gland deficiency.

Cortisol is a stress hormone (the 'fight or flight' one). Too much stress also wears out the adrenals. So I need to concentrate on relaxing more, and get out and walk every day.

There is so much info, i can't share it all here, but hope this gives you something to go on!