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Re: Possibly exposed to asbestos at work?

I need to add this update:

This entire asbestos dilemma brought up another issue: A few years ago we had the bathroom remodeled. I don't know who the contractor was. Our house was built in 1976, and we have the "popcorn" ceilings that most likely contain asbestos. I talked to my mom about it, and the contractor was the one who tore the ceiling down, and not an asbestos specialist.

Are contractors required to test the ceiling for asbestos before attempting to remove it? We've never had our ceiling tested, and since the house was built in 1976, it most likely does have asbestos. If my worst fear is true, then the contractor tore down the asbestos-containing ceiling and spread the fibers throughout the house. I fear for my siblings, since although we were all younger at the time, my brother and sister are younger than me and will have to continue living in it (greater time exposure). My mom is convinced that nothing is wrong.

What can/should I do?