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Unhappy The Pain of Fibro Fog

Hi everyone,

Fibro Fog!!

Today I forgot my phone number. I had to call my husband. It seems to be getting wose for me. It is not just walking into a room and forgetting what I came in for. I will be in the middle of a sentence and forget what I was saying. Or, if I am talking with someone and they respond, my response that at one time was in my brain disappears. Many times I just let converstions go on around me since I can not always keep up.

There are a lot of functions I have to go to with my husband because of his work. I go when I can. I have seen some of the same people for years and cannot for the life of me remember them. They approach me and are wonderful and I cannot ask them questions about how their life is since I don't remember. I know to them it comes off as my being uninterested in them. If they do not feel that way I myself feel rude. I hate it and my husband gets frustrated with me although he tries to understand. He will tell me that I have met this person at least 20 times and I don't remember. It does keep me from going to some of these affairs which are fun.

I know that right now I am dealing with a lot of stress and my own physical pain. My herniated discs in my neck are out again (that is the best way I can say it). So the whole side of my right upper body is one big nerve pinch and muscle pain. My husband is very ill again so I have to be the strong one. I know this affects me.

I feel so frustrated over the fact that my mind will not work like I want it to. I consider myself an intelligent woman and when I can't get that out it drives me nuts. I also know that others do not understand this and I hate to keep saying that it is this "fibro fog". Sometimes I just say that I am very tired.

One of my favorite things is reading. I will start a book and the next day have to go back and read the last part again. If I have not picked up the book for a while I have to start over. It keeps me from reading to some extent since it depresses me.

I am curious as to how many have this fog and how bad is it for you? How do you feel about it? I have many questions about it.

As I write this I am not sure that the word extent that I have used is being used in the right context. Is it extent or extant.? Arghhhh!

Peace and love, Janet

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