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Brother of an 11 year old girl with down syndrome.. help!

My sister is 11 now, and she has down syndrome but she can't talk at all and doesn't even respond when anyone calls her name. She is very playful, but aside from that shows no signs of communication. She isn't potty trained, either. And she doesn't like walking too much.

From what I've read and seen kids with DS usually have developed a few basic abilities by the time they hit 10 years old. But for some reason my sister still hasn't. And she is now hitting puberty (has some noticeable physical changes that're becoming most apparent). I'm really concerned about what to do. Some people have suggested that she may be partially autistic as well as having Down Syndrome.

Right now I'm only living with my mom and her. And my mom isn't getting any younger, and I'll probably be going off to college soon (I'm 17 right now). So do you guys know of anywhere we could go to get some help for her? Like some type of intensive therapy or something? There were no early intervention programs when she was smaller (we were in Puerto Rico at the time) so I guess that makes things harder now, or does it? I don't know... but I'll appreciate any advice you have to give. Also, for some reason she can't stop putting her hand on her diaper (it's weird.. but she does this a lot) and I can't get her to stop that. Any suggestions?


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