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Re: Brother of an 11 year old girl with down syndrome.. help!

There's many options available unfortunately hardly any of them are cheap.
Look up behavioural modification or applied behavioral analysis(ABA)with downs syndrome or autism - I used the "Me Book" by Ivar Lovaas - lots of useful tips in there, and it's been out quite awhile so may be in your library system somewhere. The good thing about it is that you can do it on your own or get the "experts" involved.
PECs- picture exchange communication system is another system parents find useful, despite using pictures it has been proven that it encourages speech also. Again this is something easily done at home.
Signing is another option, starting with simple signs like "toilet" and "more" - there's signing books and tapes at the library too. An expensive one that I first experimented with an than got advice from the experts is -biomedical treatment - DAN - defeat autism now - I believe all our children/sibs can benefit from this one - a DAN doctor will recommend specific tests to find out the biological abnormalities and when the results come back, recommend treatment - vits/min/amino acids, chelation etc.
I've done all these and more with mostly success, especially with the biomedical one, if they are feeling better and the brain "fog" or whatever it is is gone or at least dissipated than they are more likely to learn.
She's lucky to have such a caring brother, good luck with school!