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swollen eyelids??

Hello! I was going to reply to nastihashi's drooping eyelid thread but as I read realized mine isn't like what they're describing.

On that thread myasthenia gravis was mentioned. I was tested for that because of limb weakness and drooping eyelids. I can open them wider but it takes effort. It looks like I'm half-asleep most of the time (or just trying to look very seductive ). The test was negative.

My daughter (who's 9) was looking at my eyes the other day and said my eyelids looked swollen. So I got up and looked; I realized that they do look swollen (not hugely swollen just enough to notice). Is it possible that the swelling would cause the droopy look?

What about hypoT would cause this? I do have a lot of weakness but I'm not sure if it's related to that or the swelling or both.

Does anyone else experience this? The only other swelling I have is in my hands and only in the morning.

Thanks for any help.

Love and Prayers, Kelly

P.S. Will this go away with treatment?

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