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Re: back from eng test

The tracking of a dot on a screen, for me was fine. It was even kind of fun... like a game. The part that got me was the caloric test, where they blow cold then warm air into your ear canal to stimulate your vestibular system. You wear these goggles and they cover them up so you are in the dark. Then you are lying on a table and they blow the air into your ear. I got really dizzy from it and it freaked me out. BUT, it does go away as soon as they are done (they blow into your ear for a minute or so). If you can remember that it dissappears quickly you will be fine. Also, everyone has a different response to it. So you may not get as dizzy as I did. I'm not trying to scare you and you shoudln't be freaked out by it. I walked out of there feeling fine. Just be prepared to get a bit dizzy. if you do, just remember it goes away quickly. Good luck.