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Re: What my husband suffers from


I have PTSD (Post Traumatic Styndrome). Basically it probably is about the same thing as Gulf Sydrome. I am a police officer, 3 years ago I had something traumatic happen to me at work and since then I suffer from the same things you said your husband has.

I have trouble falling and staying asleep. Many times I have to take something to sleep. I have nightmares. Most of them have something to do with what happened. As far as his breathing problems it could possibly be one of two things, 1-he may be having some kind of anxiety/panic attack or 2- they had that chemical they used over there (not sure what it's called), he may have problems from that. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong.

I have horrible memory problems, I used to have a great memory but not anymore.

Just my opinion but I would tell your husband to go to a V.A. clinic. As I said some of the symptoms he has may have to do with the chemicals they used there.

He may not like this idea but support groups or counseling may ease alot of his stress.

Take care