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Okay, as for penis enlargement - it doesn't work. None of it. It's all Internet hype to separate you from your money. Pills will not make your penis larger. Vacuum devices can actually cause more harm than good, and still will not make permanent penile enlargement. Jeling does not work. As for weights and traction devices, it is possible to make your penis longer by continually pulling on the tissues. Unfortunately, it will do nothing for girth. In fact, just the opposite, it will make girth smaller. Use of traction devices can also create problems that can result in the inability to achieve erection. Current legitimate medical uses of weights and traction devices are in conjunction with penile enlargement surgery. The syspensory ligament is cut to achieve a longer looking penis. Weights and traction devices are used to keep scar tissue from makeing the penis smaller than it originally was. Their use is for a limited post surgical time only. If you want the facts - not what someone or some Internet site tells you, then look for articles published in legitimate scientlfic journals. There, you'll find the truth.