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Re: Need a little help please

hi js65. my best friend in the whole world was 18 when she gave birth to my beautiful "nephew" Shawn Anthony. i was there when she had the baby and i stayed with her for the first 2 weeks to help take care of him....she had a c-sec so she needed all the help she could get. i was soooo happy to be there with/for her and i really didnt want to leave, but i had to. less than 2 months later she called me at midnight saying that he had died, he took his last breath while laying in her arms and there was nothing they could do even though they tried. she is trying to have another one now. she keeps herself busy and it seems as though she has forgotten but i know she hasn't. she cries for him when noone is looking. it will be a year ago that Shawn died on August 8th. i tell you all this to let you know...your darling niece may be gone but NEVER EVER forgotten. your sister thinks about angel everyday even though you may not know it, even now as she is going to bring another life in to the world. be happy for her that she is having another baby, you will be once he/she is there. good luck to your sister and to you. be happy but never forget.