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Re: Penis size

Originally Posted by spaceballs
Don't worry too much about the size. They don't feel anymore than like, an inch or so I'm told.
Actually, women report there is indeed a difference, though it has more to do with girth than length. It is obvious that a penis with a 3" girth will feel a lot different that one with a 6" girth. At some point as the girth gets larger there will be stretching of the vaginal walls and that will hurt. I imagine that were a penis the diameter of a pencil, a woman would feel very little, but if it were the size of a baseball bat, she would be in deep pain. What the range of 'comfortable' girths is for a woman will vary and I would not hazard a guess here as to what the average woman would prefer given a choice in the matter.

I certainly agree that most women - thought not all - don't really care all that much about penis size provided it is of a reasonable size. If you have 4", then you fall within what is reasonable. I won't say she would not wish that you were larger (just as if she had A cup breasts, you might wish they were C), but she will be happy with what you have because of the rest of you.