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Originally Posted by SHMILY
On Fox News last night echinacea made the headlines. That said the results of a study showed those taking it got just as many colds as those taking the placebo.

I didn't want to believe that because I am a believer in natural supplements and herbs.
Someone told me that it makes a difference if you take it derived from the root or the plant itself. I would like to know the truth.
Such studies go back and forth quite often, even JAMA acknowledges this issue:

I'm sure you've also heard about studies claiming coffee is good for you...then all of a sudden new research shows it's bad...then good again. Same for chocolate and a lot of other substances. In addition, from what I heard on the news it sounded like the study focused on whether or not the proportion of people that got sick differed from placebo, they didn't look at whether or not echinecea reduced the length of the cold which to me also seems important and doesn't seem like it would add greatly to the cost of the study but then again I could be wrong. In addition, the dosage or the delivery mechanism (tincture, capsule, tea, etc) wasn't stated, and it sounds like critics felt the dosage was too small to see the effect.