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Re: What my husband suffers from

Sounds like PTSD for sure, at least in part. PTSD can interfear with sleep a lot. lack of sleep will mess you up bad. Stresses your heart, mind, your whole body. Let alone the extra feelings hes got to be dragging about with him that he likley is not comfortable sharing with anyone. He needs to talk to someone. Here in MA we have VetCenters that are not realy part of the VA but see vets for free they specialize in this kinda stuff. See if the local VA can point you twords something like that.
Now as far as being afraid of finding out hes got something like cancer.... This will sound rash but I cant recall any other way to put it. Tell him to stop playing grunt and get his but to the doc. If he does and I stress IF have cancer or some other such ailment his odds of beating it only improve by finding out sooner than later. More likly than not they will find little they can do to help other than meds, they do make things a might more managable, so when all is said and done he has nothing to loose and evrything to gain by going. If he wants/needs a good chewin tell em to drop me a line!

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