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Re: Medicaid and SSI denied..?

Hi Jessica,
My son was denied SSI also, we could never get it because we both work and made to much money.My son had to wear glasses, if you are on SSi your get the medicad card, you get 3 pair of glasses for free each year, My son was always breaking his glasses, it costed me so much money. He was sick allot when he was small, I missed allot of days of work, cost of child care and medical bills, add all that up. There are so amny people out there who abuse the system and then the one's who really need it are turned down. Yes I agree with you, there is something wring with the system, that is such a sore topic with me. My son has been covered under our insurance since the day he was born, At least SSI could pay what our insurace didn't cover, but I guess we are not that lucky.