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Question Ortho Evra patch help needed

I am considering starting this as a form of birth control. I'm 32 and have a 4 month old and an 18 month old (yes....they're very close together).....and am not wanting another child just yet. I do want one, but probably not for at least a year. I am not hip on hormonal birth control at all because I had 12 years of infertility. I do use the non-oxydyl (sp?) 9 gel and am very happy with that, but sometimes it's hard to stop while you're in the middle of things to insert it.

One of the reasons that I am considering Ortho Evra is because I'm getting ready to take a cruise vacation with my husband (no kids!!!!!!!) and my period will be starting just prior to the start of the cruise and I don't really want to have my period while on cruise - in case it's a heavy one or a LONG one. I know that birth control can stop a period. I was told by the OB's office that I could use the three patches and then instead of taking week 4 off, just put on the next patch for the next month and start those. Thing is......has anyone else ever done this? I know she (nurse) said that it doesn't always stop your period. I don't want to throw my cycle out of whack and really have problems and a BAD period while gone.

Another thing is, I don't want to have the weight gain from birth control. I know that it's not always the case, but I gain weight SO easily it's not even funny.....

There are a lot more things on my mind, but I'd love to get input from others who have been on this and possibly also used it for stopping a period.

I would plan on staying on it for a minimum of 10-12 months if I do start it.

Any insight or input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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