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Re: Touching while asleep

Originally Posted by Bananagoof
Here's a scenario that I'd like to get some opinions on:

There are two people sleeping in a bed. One person is attracted to the other, and while that other person is asleep, the first person touches the second's clothed genital area.

Is this rape? How would you feel being the one recieving the unwanted touching? How would you feel being the person doing the touching? Should the toucher admit their mistake to the other person, or remain quiet afterwards, hoping they didn't feel or notice it? Has the one being touched been victimized?
NO it's not rape if there was no penetration with the penis.(debateable)
however it is wrong to touch a person like that if your just friends and not in a romatic relationship.

I don't think I really understand just what your saying?..why in the world would the two people be sharing the same bed in the first place?
I would say the one being touched is the victim..its wrong to be violated in any sexual way sleeping or other wise.