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Re: Touching while asleep

This is a very senstive question which can have many answers.1st of all if you did that to someone (touch) i dont think it would be classed as rape.If the person you were sleeping with asked you before hand not to touch them while asleep , well then yes you have committed a crime.This then can lead them to say not to let it happen again or they may call in the law.On the other hand if your sleeping with someone , they must know that they are opening themselfs to been brushed against or touched though the night either on purpose or by accident.
If the other person has requested not to be touched though the night and you do , well then you are taking the matter to the level of pre-knowledge set up .What i mean by that is , that you have planned all along to touch or feel even when asked not too , in this case the answer is yes and you are again committing a crime.

If your spending the night with someone and the urge gets too much , the best thing to do is leave the bed and sleep on the lounge.Another option is to talk and have a clearer understanding before you sleep together on what is ok and what is out of bounds.