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Re: Ortho Evra patch help needed

I was on the patch for 7 months .. it has its ups and downs. First off, it's so convenient only having to remember to change it once a week ... a big bonus. Second, I had no problems with it staying on (it's surprising how sticy those little things are :-) BUT- I just stopped using it because of its one huge downside. Spotting. I'd say about 7 times out of 10, I'd spot (just slightly, nothing serious) after sex, and occasionaly for a day around mid-cycle. It was such a pain, and it became really annoying after a couple months.
The other thing about the patch is that it isn't totally effective for women over 195lbs. So, if you're overwieght and don't want to get pregnant again, I don't know if I'd risk it.
If it weren't for the spotting, I'd still be on it ... Oh- and I tried to skip my period while on the patch (same reasons .. vacation to Europe while my period was due) and I ended up having a very light period for 16 days instead!! I've done it with the pill before, and it worked just fine.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit ... good luck !